Wynyard Quarter | Pump Station

The primary purpose of this project was to create a deep wet-well pumping station and 24 hour storage capacity for wastewater.

This pump station is critical asset required by Watercare. The station will manage the wastewater generated by the extensive development in the Wynyard Quarter.

Our scope of Work:
  • Supply & Install Structural steel in the control Building
  • Supply & Install Curved stair Case.
  • Supply & Install the control room floor with Alum Chequer Plate covering
  • Supply & Install Ladders & Platforms in all chambers
  • Supply & Install the pipework in the Wet well & valve chambers
  • Installation of the pumps & valves supplied by Futon Hogan
Challenges on this project:
  • All pipe work was painted with Belzona 5311 inside & outside with an Altex paint system, so the pipe had to be handled with care to avoid chipping
  • Flanges on some valves were to a different standard so flange types had to be clearly labelled on the drawings.
  • Some of the gaskets were from different materials to suit the valve pressure & use.
  • Early in the project there was flooding in the wet well due to the chamber being close to the ocean & below sea level.
  • Access was difficult when installing the platforms in the chambers so a clear methodology had to be drawn up & conveyed to all staff involved before installation started.
  • There was a strict schedule for the project & some items had long lead times so good planning was required.
  • The mounts for the corten panels had to accurately installed to line up with the holes in the panels. Care had to be taken lifting the panels into place from uneven ground using Genie lifts.

Due to the architectural revitalisation of the Wynyard Quarter area, the control building is an artistic structure which adds to the feel of the space. There’s with no indication of what is below the ground.

The result was a 12m tall irregular semi egg shaped tank-like structure with public toilets on the lower level, the pump station electrical and control equipment on the second level, and a rooftop area that is available for occasional events.