Maersk | Investigation and recovery of generators

  • Client: Maersk line AS
  • Location:¬† Australia and New Zealand
  • Service: ¬†Riding gang
  • Completion: 19/05

We were called to attend a container ship on Australia West Coast to investigate and fix electrical generators issues. On attendance, the vessel was deemed to be in critical situation with 2 of the 3 generators our of service.

After investigation and recovery of low insulation, one of the generator was put back in service, allowing the ship to continue her voyage to New Zealand.

The second unit was found to have a burnt stator, which required complete disassembly to assess extent of damage and repairs options.

Disassembly was done at sea by a riding gang along New Zealand coast, without disrupting the vessel’s commercial operations. After disassembly, the owner was in position to fully assess the full scope and plan for repairs.