Kakerangi Yacht | Maintenance

Doing what we know – putting boats back in the water

We were contracted for maintenance works on Kakerangi Yacht. Our team repaired all damaged areas and left the boat ready to be repainted.

The owner was very pleased with the results.

Work performed:

1. Toe rail replacement:
Remove handrails and mooring rope anchor brackets, design and make templates to suit the boat, laser-cut and weld new toe rail plates, and refit handrails.

2. Hatch lip replacement:
Cut off the lip from the top flange, make a template and laser cut the new flange. Weld (carbon to SS), apply sealant, and re-install hatch frame.

While working on these repairs, our team noticed other worn-out or corroded areas that needed attention:
3. They replaced a corroded double plate under the anchor, to prevent ongoing damage and to protect the hull.
4. They also found that the starboard hatch within the cockpit was relatively poorly done and had to be cut out and replaced.
5. Finally, our team also cut and replaced a damaged portion under the damaged rubber strip on the starboard rear.

Our team’s expertise guarantees quality on every job.