MT Kakariki | Pipe Works and Hull Plate Replacement

  • Client: M/T Kakariki
  • Location: Auckland harbor, Auckland
  • Service: Pipe work, afloat repair, Marine
  • Completion: August 2016

The project works included:

  • Completion of pipe works in ballast tanks and double bottom.
  • Cropping and replacing 600 NB pipe carbon steel in a confined space.

Due to access restrictions, the new pipe was prefabricated in short sections and fully welded on site.

The second part of the assignment involved replacing a 9x3m hull plate section with internal structure. The plate was fitted in one piece after being adapted to the vessel’s hull actual deformation.

The project was completed during a vessel maintenance stop at Auckland Harbor by two x 14 tradesmen shifts, worked 24/7 with zero LTI’s

This project demonstrates our ability of handling sensitive pipe and plate jobs in confined spaces and at height in a high-risk environment, while working 24/7.