Olga Maersk | Pilot ladder repair

Customer: Maersk

Location: Auckland / Tauranga

Services: Repair, test and Installation

Completion: July 2020

Our Marine Team was contacted to repair a pilot ladder for Olga Maersk that was completely out of service.

The ladder was picked up on a Tuesday around midnight from POAL and taken to our workshop.

The ladder was inspected by the ABS surveyor, who pointed out some extra damages/ cracks to repair.

As we all know, ships have a tight schedule, and Olga Maersk was no exception.

Our team worked through the night and next day to complete this on time. Although we had a very short time frame, we successfully delivered the ladder at Port of Tauranga by 3am on Thursday.

We installed it, had it re inspected and dye pen tested.

Finally, a load test was done under ABS supervision and everything passed easily.

This is just another example of our commitment with delivering high quality service 24/7