Navy Vessel | Bilge system piping renewal

160 meters of oily water bilge pipe being replaced due to corrosion.
New pipe is being made from 2” seamless schedule 80 line pipe with new raised face bossed flanges welding process is Tig root and arc cap for long life and quality.
Pipes are blast and painted with 2 pack zinc primer and 2 pack top coat for oil resistance.

Key steps

  1. Strip all bilge piping system & bring back to workshop
  2. Jig and fabricate new pipes to the exact same shape and dimensions
  3. ASME IX welding (TIG and MMAW)
  4. Dye penetrant workshop test
  5. Coating
  6. Reassemble onboard
  7. Pressure test

160m of pipes done over a 3 weeks period with a 100% pass test