Sofrana Surville | Sea Water Pipe

Our team at AIMECS Engineering successfully replaced the seawater pipe for the firemain onboard the Sofrana Surville. Led by Medes, our team fabricated a new pipe in our workshop using measurements taken onboard. To ensure the correct flange orientation, we welded the pipe in position onboard.
The new pipe was galvanized to ensure its longevity.
We removed the existing pipework and installed the new one onboard, welding the pipe flanges with the correct orientation. Safety was our top priority throughout the process, and we worked closely with the Sofrana Surville crew to ensure that the system was isolated and safe before removing the existing pipework.
We recommended that a diving company be arranged to plug the SW inlet before starting the removal of the pipe.
We’re proud to have been part of this project and look forward to continuing to provide high-quality marine engineering services in the future